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2022 STEP Webinar: Assessing the Feasibility of Communal Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Private Property
By Sara Finnimore

Abstract: Despite the proven benefits of low impact development (LID) stormwater management (SWM) there are still barriers preventing wide-scale implementation, particularly on private property in developed areas. CVC studied an approach to overcome these challenges and will present on a FCM funded initiative that evaluated the technical and financial feasibility of communal LID systems on private property. An overview of project activities will include:

  • Existing condition evaluation and base map preparation
  • Designing Communal LID systems: Selecting design criteria, how to select LIDs to meet the design criteria and optimizing the design using one water principles and for LID co-benefits
  • Developing a 2D PC SWMM model for existing stormwater conditions, LID retrofit designs and climate change scenarios.
  • Cost estimates for the communal design including an overview of how principles of the Drainage Act were applied to fairly distribute project costs to the affected land and roads (private-public cost sharing).

The presentation will highlight lessons learned and resources that were created to help with transferability of the project concept, including an Aggregation Methodology that lays out a process to consider communal private side SWM in the Municipal Class EA process and an E-Learning module with steps for designing communal LID retrofits.

We will conclude with the current impact of the study and next steps.

May 19
12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)
This is an online event at Webinar Go to event website