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2022 STEP Webinar: Detailed Design and Implementation of a Smart Blue Roof for Building Level Stormwater Management at CVC’s Head Office
By Sara Finnimore

Abstract: The ICI sector covers 20-30% of urban lands and comprises large buildings with extensive flat roof areas surrounded by paved surfaces and a relatively small amount of open space. As a result, ICI lands generate the largest runoff volumes per unit area of all urban land uses and put strain on the municipal stormwater system.

The stormwater network in many ICI areas was under-designed and is highly vulnerable to surcharging, creating liabilities for municipalities. Furthermore, municipalities face limitations to the amount of stormwater which can be effectively managed in existing urban areas using public lands alone.

As an adaptive and innovative approach to managing stormwater, smart blue roofs use existing rooftops in ICI areas to detain rainwater. This rainwater can offset potable water usage and can provide evaporative cooling benefits during hot months.

Smart blue roofs can use smart, active control technology to automatically respond to various climate scenarios. Smart blue roofs have potential to reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts for the municipality, community, and ICI sector.

This presentation will provide an overview of CVC’s pilot project to design and construct a Smart Blue Roof on our head office building and will share lessons learned. The presentation will introduce smart blue roof design, operation and maintenance considerations, and outline their potential to assist municipalities and private lands to better manage stormwater at the source.

October 13
12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)