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Invasive Fishes of the Great Lakes
By Tisha Tan

They’re big, they’re destructive, and they might be coming our way!

Grass carp, Silver carp, Black carp, and Bighead carp are a group of invasive fishes that pose a huge threat to the Great Lakes! 

Join us for a discussion all about these confusing carps. You’ll learn all about why we need to stop the spread of invasive species in our waterways, and how you can play a part!

This event is intended for a General Audience:

  • Beginner level information
  • Includes intermediate concepts
  • Content intended for older youth and adults

This event is hosted in partnership with Toronto Public Library as part of the Our Fragile Planet program series and is supported by TD Friends of the Environment (TD FEF).

TRCA is committed to creating an accessible experience for all participants. If you require an accessibility accommodation, please contact Tisha at at least 7 days prior to the event.

June 08
6:30pm - 7:30pm (EDT)
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