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Maple at the Village
By Black Creek Pioneer Village

Celebrate the charm of maple syrup season as Black Creek Pioneer Village buzzes with the energy of early spring.

Discover the old-fashioned skills needed to take this sweet treat all the way from tree to table.

Our costumed educators will “spile” the beans on maple’s magic and teach you the backwoods skills necessary for adventures in the sugarbush.

Join in all manner of maple merriment, including enjoying sappy storytelling and tapping your toes during a lively sugar shack party. Acquire backwoods skills to take on your next trek into the sugarbush and learn the secrets of collecting sugar-maple sap.

Enjoy the story of Canada’s favorite sweetener at the Marvelous Maple Show and sample genuine maple syrup. Stop by the confectionary; try a finger-licking treat as you discover the story of old-fashioned sweets.

March 16 - March 20
11:00am - 4:00pm (EDT)
Black Creek Pioneer Village
1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2P3, Canada
$18 - $22