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Planting for Bird Habitat
By Stephanie Parish

As a part of the Toronto Bird Celebration, join TRCA for a special shrub planting event at Tommy Thompson Park and help support the local bird population! Tommy Thompson Park is one of Toronto's most unique and important natural spaces, providing critical habitats for a wide range of bird species. 

By participating in this event, you'll be part of a community dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural environment in Toronto. The shrubs we'll be planting have been carefully selected to provide food and shelter for a variety of bird species. By supporting the park's biodiversity, we can ensure that it remains a haven for birds and other wildlife for generations to come. So come join us, get your hands dirty, and help to support the birds at Tommy Thompson Park!

This event is intended for Ages 6+:

  • Beginner level information
  • Activities and concepts that are friendly for all ages
  • Intended audience includes children, youth, and adults

TRCA is committed to creating an accessible experience for all participants. If you require an accommodation, please email Steph at at least 7 days prior to the event.

We ask that you self assess for COVID-19  ( and please stay home if you are feeling unwell. In line with government guidelines, it is recommended that you wear a mask while indoors.

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May 27
10:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)
Tommy Thompson Park
1 Leslie Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada